The love story continues ….

Alvise and Dominique’s love story is one of legend. A love affair, not just as husband and wife, but as parents, chefs, and restaurateurs. A love of family, a passion for amazing authentic Italian food, and for the warmth of their extended family, their customers.

Following in such revered and possibly daunting footsteps may not prove to be easy, (especially in these post-covid times,) but now ensconced in the beautiful building that is the Old Pier Bandstand fronting Weymouth beach, formerly occupied by Al Molo and the original Pullingers, Oliveto is run by Alvise and Dominique, and a team excited to deliver the high expectations you have become accustomed to.

The view from the large windows looking out over the stunning Weymouth Bay with sparkling distant lights by night is not to be missed either. Standards and expectations are not only upheld, but surpassed. If any team, chef, or restaurateur could accomplish this, these are the special people that would achieve it.

Oliveto ….

An olive grove, owned by this couple, such is their commitment to quality, excellence, and provenance of the ingredients in their amazing food. Or one of the best Italian restaurants on the Southern English Coast one could ever have the good fortune to run across … The choice is yours.

Alvise, Dominique and their amazing team are waiting to greet you, helping you realise the meaning of the words that will come to mind while you are there enjoying their wonderful hospitality.

Passionate ; Fearless ; Warmth ; Family. Food that is most certainly a step (cut) above the every day. Welcome to Oliveto.

Italian restaurant weymouth

Nothing brings people together
like good food.